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Looking for an Experienced and Trusted Fiduciary Partner?

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 Established in 1999, GuidedChoice has been helping Plan Advisors, Plan Sponsors, Recordkeepers, Small Business Owners, and Plan Participants reach their goals, whether personal or professional. How Can We Help You?



Market Proven,

Downturn Tested

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$13B+ in AUM


3(38) Fiduciary

With an employee preferred methodology designed to lower risk and volatility, a fiduciary role that covers both participant and plan — putting you in compliance with the new DOL rule, and a highly regarded, deeply rooted collaborative history of advisory support, we believe there is no better firm to help your employees focus on their future, while reducing your liability.


Our proprietary process reflects what 60.6% of participants prefer: less risk over more reward

From Nobel Award-Winning Theory to Meticulous Execution

Our proprietary process, designed by Dr. Harry Markowitz, Nobel Laureate for Modern Portfolio Theory, reflects what 60.6% of participants prefer: less risk over more reward. Applying GuidedChoice's bi-constant relative risk-aversion (BI-CRRA) utility function, we compare simulated wealth at retirement for different levels of portfolio risk. The comparison rewards higher wealth slightly and penalizes lower wealth harshly. Evidence of our process' effectiveness has been shown through multiple market downturns—for instance, in the 2008 crash, while the S&P lost 37% and other 401(k) accounts had losses of more than 25%*, the most any of our portfolios lost was 11%.

*$200,000 in account balances had an average loss of more than 25%, EBRI
Dedicated 3(38) Fiduciary Partner

For you, this means that not only do we share fiduciary liability at a plan level, but also that GuidedChoice takes on fiduciary liability for the participant—freeing the advisor to focus on the fiduciary responsibilities that are core to the success of your Plan.


What Your Plan Participants  Think*


Say knowing my "numbers" will encourage me to save more


Look to their employer for guidance about contributions



Want personal advice about retirement savings


Lack confidence in their 401(k) decisions


After receiving advice, 87% of participants increased their Plan savings rate

*Source: J.P Morgan


GuidedChoice takes a customized approach by "double optimizing" across asset allocation 

More than a Model Portfolio

Unlike others who use model portfolios that have set allocation mixes or investment lineups no matter who the client is, GuidedChoice takes a customized approach by "double optimizing" across asset allocation within your Plan's investment options. First, we determine asset allocation along the efficient frontier of maximum return at minimum risk within our proprietary, conservative model. We then take nearly any Plan investment lineup to create portfolios customized to you at a variety of risk levels. And if you haven't chosen your Plan's investment options, we can help with that too!

Independent, Unbiased, and Transparent

We're fueled by a powerful mission—the belief in financial freedom for all. It's why we have no affiliations or strategic partnerships with any institutional investor or venture capital firm, nor with any investment managers or brokerage firms. This level of independence allows us to work with anyone, including start-ups whose plans are often bypassed because of low plan balance.


Creating Trust and Building Confidence —

At a Low Cost

Through specific advice and scenario planning, GuidedChoice helps participants understand what it will take to reach their retirement income goal. We not only provide an investment allocation and savings rate for the employer plan, but also how much to save outside of the plan for both the employee and their spouse. And because our mission is financial freedom for all, our fees are some of the lowest in the industry.

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Check out how our GuidedSpending solution helps participants plan successfully to make their money last as long as they do.

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For nearly 20 years, GuidedChoice has successfully partnered with DC Plan advisors to help not only their participants but to give our advisor partners the support they need to succeed.  Claim the success you deserve and partner with us today.

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